Back to work!

Last weekend we started working on the back bedroom. Yay! Michael took off all the trim and casing and starting working on smoothing out the walls. We should be ready to prime and paint this weekend. I’ve decided on the color: Peacock Feather by Benjamin Moore. It’s a pretty aqua blue color. I have the Poppy picture by Georgia O’Keeffe that I want to get framed and put in this room. From West Elm, I bought this yellow (citron) & white striped bedding, yellow is such a happy color, but I can never find a place for it in our house. So this is an exciting step for me. For a headboard I’m thinking something rustic like a barn door. We’ve been looking around at antique shops and I’ve also found several tutorials online to make one if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. To play off the rustic headboard I would like to find a round distressed wooden mirror.  For the lighting, it will need to glam up the room, so I’m thinking a cute but not too gaudy chandelier.  We’ve decided either a nice orange wing back chair, or a distressed brown leather chair would look good too. A small night table, painted gray and a gray rug will tie everything together.

Here is a little visual I put together. Everything is subject to change except the bedding and the wall color.

Hopefully I will have some after photos to share soon!



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Did someone say walk?

Yep, another dog post. The weather was so nice this weekend, well for a December in Indiana. Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the nice wintery day. The dogs LOVE walks!! They all run around the house like crazies and then sit by the door with anticipation. I snapped a few iPhone pictures before we walked out the door. Gunner was already out running on the sun porch, so that’s why he is MIA.




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It’s not easy being beautiful!


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Photo booth FAIL!

This makes me laugh so hard. We need some work on our posing. Michael would not wait long enough and messed up 2 shots, which makes me laugh even harder. Oh well, enjoy!


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I wonder what dogs dream about?

I think our dogs dream that they can sleep in the bed with us. Ha! The bed ain’t big enough, sorry pups! But they do look cute trying.




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Gone to the dogs

Nothing new to report, but I do have cute IPhone pictures of the pups.






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Best Friends

Look who I caught napping together. They cannot deny their love!

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