Meet the Pups

Ava Bean is our Pomeranian. We got her 4 months after we were married. She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She loves going “bye bye in the car”. She enjoys walks and bones for the teeth. Ava is 4.5 lbs of love and fluff.


Ruby Ann is our Shih tzu. She loves her toys and cuddling on the couch.

Mya Jane is our Puggle. Her charm is a prominent as her underbite and wrinkles. She is our problem solver, you can literally see the wheels turning in her head when she is trying to figure something out. We call her Piggy because when she runs it looks just like a baby piglet.

Last but not least, our boy Gunner O’Malley. We are proud to say we adopted him from our local animal shelter. He is such a sweet boy and loves all three of his little sisters. He loves to go on walks, play fetch and thinks he is a lap dog like the others. We call him Gunner Stunner because he is such a handsome boy. He has never met a stranger, human or animal.

The Crew



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