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Ruby goes camping

So this was the scene when I walked in our bedroom tonight It made me laugh! She is all tucked in her little blanket tent. Ha! My silly pooches. (oh and ignore the fact that I didn’t make the bed … Continue reading

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This is not staged

Mya our Puggle has loads of personality. I think the Beagle in her makes her really smart. I just came in the bedroom and found her like this: I could not make this stuff up if I tried! So from … Continue reading

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Just lay still

I’m pretty sure Gunner thinks if he lays really still we won’t notice his 50 pound body in our bed. Nice try buddy, but the bed is not big enough. He’s cute trying though.

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Simple pleasures

Who doesn’t love sitting in the sun?! We let Mya and Gunner out to play in the sun room. When I checked on them a little while later this is what I found. Silly Puggle!

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Did someone say walk?

Yep, another dog post. The weather was so nice this weekend, well for a December in Indiana. Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the nice wintery day. The dogs LOVE walks!! They all run around … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being beautiful!

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I wonder what dogs dream about?

I think our dogs dream that they can sleep in the bed with us. Ha! The bed ain’t big enough, sorry pups! But they do look cute trying.

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