Indy Pet Expo

Our boy Gunner was asked by Indy Pit Crew to volunteer at a kissing booth at the Indy Pet Expo last weekend. We were thrilled they asked us and we gladly obliged. Gunner rocked the kissing booth! He is handsome and sweet, wouldn’t everyone want a kiss. (I also got a chance to practice indoor, no flash photography. These pictures are not edited and straight out of the camera.)

Gunner said giving away all that lovin’ really made him tired.

After he was finished in the kissing booth. We took a walk around the place to check out all the booths. It was great seeing all the rescue groups and Human Societies. We bought Gunner an Elk horn, which he LOVES. If you have a dog that enjoys bones, I highly recommend them. They are not cheap but last forever. We bought our first one last year from our vet and the dogs all took turn chewing on it. We ate lunch at the little food cafe. We watched the dock diving dogs, the disc dogs and made some new friends. It was a good day!! Thanks again Indy Pit Crew for having us be a part of your event.



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