Corney games

This is another random post. As many of you know, Michael and I are one of those couples that enjoy spending time with each other. We’ve recently started going to Antique stores. We love old stuff and we like a good treasure hunt. One of the things we’ve noticed is every store we’ve ever been in has the Corn set. You know the butter dish and the salt and pepper shakers and the coffee mug that look like corn? For some reason we would always point it out when we found it. So now it’s a game. The first person to find it (one per store) wins. But when you find it, you have to yell out “CORN” or it doesn’t count. Then the looser has to take your picture with the corn item. The score is 1-0. Can you guess who is winning? I’ll give you a hint.


See, I told you it was corny!


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