Tiling the kitchen floor

Have you ever tiled a floor before? If not, you should try it. Seriously, it’s actually fun. Okay so maybe that is just my DIY dorky side coming out, but this was one project that we learned quickly and actually enjoyed. We had a friend help us. After you find the center of the room, lay out a dry pattern and if it works, start tiling. If the layout makes you have a short row of tile on one end, then you need to move your mark a little. That is basically the gist of tiling. I like the look of the brick pattern, so we did that instead of just the straight rows.

Laying the last tile.

This was a proud moment for our little kitchen!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?! Remember how the kitchen looked after we did our first little update?

Then there was the giant hole during the demo.

So you can see why we were pretty thrilled with our tiled floor!!



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