Then the wall came down

I love being in the kitchen when people cook. Good conversations, good smells and the occasional taste test all usually happen when you are hanging out with the cook. It’s nice to have people in the kitchen without those people being in the way. That got the wheels in my head turning. Why not take down part of a way to open up the living room & kitchen and add a bar. Not only will it give us more seating when we have dinner parties, but it gives us another place to eat breakfast, let’s people hang out in the kitchen and watch the cooking or it could even been a nice buffet line. The possibilities are endless.

To put my plan into action: Step 1, convince the husband. He is a sweetie and knows that I have a vision and for the most part he is good with whatever I decide. Step 2, make sure we can take out the wall. Step 3, TAKE IT OUT!!

That is exactly what we did.

I shamelessly set up the self timer on the camera so I could be in the pictures as well. It looks like Michael does all of the physical work. He does do a lot of it, but I am right by his side helping when I can. I usually do the planning, direction reading, picture taking and clean up. So we make a killer team.

My sister Christy should love that I even take time out of home improvements to ham it up for the camera. Can you see our notes on the walls? We had fun planning out the kitchen and drawling out where everything would go. These pictures look blurry, but it was from all of the dust in the air. It was no fun living in a construction zone. We covered things when it would get really dusty, but for the most part I just cleaned all the time.

Then we started on the other side and before you knew it, we had an opening!!

I wanted it to be really open, but Michael was pretty sure we had to keep the bulk head for support. Bummer! That was until we talked to our contractor friend and they discovered it was not necessary to keep it. Insert a fun happy dance by me! Let’s keep the demo going.

I gave that hit all I had! Then I let the boys do the rest.

In just a few hours and 3,000 pounds or so of dust the bulkhead was out.

See all the dust bubbles, ugh, it was awful.  On the bright side, we were one step closer to my dream kitchen!



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