He passed!!!!

Our boy Gunner passed his CGC test!! This means he will be certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a Canine Good Citizen. We are so proud of him! This is just one more step to prove what an amazing breed Pit Bulls are. It was freezing cold this morning, 41 degrees to be exact. Not to mention the grass was wet. Our shoes were soaked and the dogs were cold. But despite those things, we still passed. Here is the a really horrible picture of us celebrating the moment.

The other 2 girls in our class (both pitties as well) passed too! Congratulations Roxane, Venus and their humans.

The other test being conducted that day was the American Temperament test. If you are interested in learning more about it, check out their site www.atts.org. This is a test you don’t prepare for. It is a pass or fail and gages the dogs personality & temperament. Bully breeds generally do well on the test. It is only offered a few times a year and only in certain states, so we thought what they heck, lets do it. You basically do a walk in the park and different situation come up and they score you based on the dogs reaction. You cannot say anything to your dog to encourage it, correct it, comfort it nothing. You are just holding onto the leash. You meet a friendly stranger, someone greets your dog, someone makes loud noises with a bucket that you dog should investigage. There are gun shots, yes real gun shots. That made me jump even knowing it was going to happen. They open a huge umbrella and the dog should investigate it as well. The dog has to walk on a plastic tarp and a metal grating and then meet a scary stranger.

Gunner is a totally sweet, laid back and friendly dog. That is the main reason we adopted him. He’s never growled or even barked at anyone. I didn’t think he’d have much of a reaction to the scary stranger. Everything else on the test got his attention and he did awesome doing what he was supposed to. On this test however they were looking for him to show interest and then react, as in bark or protect me (not attack or anything aggressive obviously). The guy came out yelling & banging on something, that had Gunner’s attention. Then he has some type of whip that he was swinging around while coming towards me. To my complete surprise, Gunner barked at the scary man. Then he barked again. Then he did a low tone growl. As the guy was walking away Gunner stood his ground. Then the evaluator told me to call my dog and praise him. I have never been more proud!!! There was about 5-10 minutes of talk among all the site evaluations, comparing scores on the various stations. Then the head guy walks over to me and asked if I was surprised at his reaction to any of Gunner’s behaviors. I told him he’d never barked at anyone before. He told me he did good on that test and there were 2 others that he excelled at. Then he said “Congratulations” you’ve passed!!!

WOW! Just WOW! Good job Gunner. We are so proud of you! So we now have ourselves an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) who is a reregistered Canine Good Citizen and has passed the American Temperament Test and will be included in the statistics on their website.



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