Follow the red brick floor

What was red, really ugly and had to go?

The groovy red brick flooring in our kitchen. In case you forgot, here she is in all her glory, shown by my lovely assistant Ava Bean.

Okay so it is actually a picture of Ava, she was tired from hosting at the Super Bowl party. But this was a good detail shot. We also had a groovy little half door that connected the back part of the kitchen to the living room.

 As much as I liked this little door, it just didn’t fit into my style. And I had big plans for the kitchen when we got into our serious renovations, so we decided to take out the door and wall it up. Side point: Yes, Michael’s shirt says “Keeping it Rural”. At one point we did try to embrace country living, but that was short lived. Okay, back to the door. And yes, that bump out was a phone booth. Very charming, but not really our thing.

Then the madness continued! The trim needed to come down. If you look really close you can see some engraving in the door casing.

 And after we made it this far, why not take up the floor, YAY!

Uh, this was a bigger mess than I ever imagined. Under the red brick was a layer of cork flooring and a lot of old glue.  We quickly learned that no project in this house was simple. It took us a few days to get it all up.

After all the old flooring was removed we put down new plywood. Even though it was the thin cheap stuff, it still made a huge difference.

Our next adventure is drywall!



P.S. How about a little more pup eye candy?!

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2 Responses to Follow the red brick floor

  1. Wow, you guys are working hard! Good luck with all of it! And your pups! cute, cute, cute, cute, cute and more cute! Adore the 2nd to the last photo–cute underbite and big ears. Perfect! 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog and such a wonderful comment!

  2. Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it!

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