A little corner of our world

I’m super excited that our kitchen is almost done. As in Friday they are installing our granite counter tops and I will be able to use my kitchen after a 1.5 year kitchen renovation!! I won’t get super detailed about the rest of the processes leading up to where we are now, I will just give you the good stuff.We left off with ripping up the floor. We also took out the half door and walled it up.

And we closed up the little phone booth too.

Then Michael did all the finishing work and I painted the walls several different colors. No, not all at once, but I like to change things around A LOT and I get bored easily. I’m sure throughout this blog you will notice the different living room paint colors. But all that really matters is what that corner looks like today. She has new trim, new drywall and a new paint color. The decorations change often. Not many things are permanent around here (EXCPET Michael!!).

This is a poor quality cell phone picture taken shortly after we refinished the floors and put up the trim. That little antique crate currently lives on the fireplace.

This was taken tonight. The lighting is terrible because it is raining out..boo! But you get the idea. The walls are all gray, they looked two-toned in this picture but they are not.

So much better than before!

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