The little kitchen that could

I was excited about our little mini kitchen update for oh……a week! We painted the cabinets just in time to host our first Super Bowl party. Colts vs. Bears!

The cabinets looked better, but that was the only thing. This picture shows the UGLY light that we always despised. Yuck! The ceiling fan wasn’t bad, but the fan didn’t work. Boo! We still had the super dark (plastic) wood paneling and the fake brick backsplash. So after our party, it was back to demo. Bye bye paneling!

The fake brick backsplash was interesting to say the least. The bricks were plastic and individual pieces.

Yes, you can laugh at Michael’s jean shorts. He hates jean shorts and I believe this was his one and only pair that he wore when he worked on the house. I laugh every time I see an old picture of them.

The backsplash left a horrible glue crust behind. Good thing the hubby knows drywall!

And here is the naked after

Thanks for changing out of those jean shorts babe! Your eyes are not deceiving you, we did cover our red brick vinyl. We were really just trying to keep things clean because we were living in our construction zone.

A little more elbow grease and a few drywall skills later,  we were getting our walls back!

I was amazed at how much brighter the kitchen looked just by taking down the paneling and the backsplash. Apparently I love living in chaos because the more we torn up/refinished/re-did, the more I wanted to rip everything up and make it ours. So that’s what we did….Stay tuned!



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