Dog day Saturday

Today we had our Canine Good Citizen class downtown at University Park. Gunner is doing great in class. Just a little more work on “stay” and I am confident we will pass our test on October 1st. He rocks the “sit” command. I don’t have to treat him anymore, but I still do just because. That pouch on my hip is full of hotdogs aka “doggie crack”.

For the test, all the dogs must be able to walk on a loose leash. This means they need to be close enough that the buckle on the leash is laying flat, no tension. We have to use a flat buckle collar on the test, so next week we will not have the pinch collar on him. The pinch collar is a great training tool. One or two pops when we first put it on and he is usually golden the rest of the time. I was leery of using one because I thought they were cruel, but once you learn how and why they are used it makes training so much easier. Happy human = happy dog, happy dog = happy human. Here we are practicing our loose leash walking.

After class they had a dog event called Carnibull. There were several different rescues groups and dog vendors. We walked around to all of the booths and watched the fashion show for the dogs that were available for adoption. The weather was cool and overcast. It was a great day to be outside. Have you seen the mobile food trucks around Indy? My sister Christy told me about them a few months ago. A few of them were at the event. We bought lunch from Hoosier Fat Daddy. Wow, their food was amazing!! We had a Jerk Chicken kabob and tater-tot casserole. It was soooo good. Too good to stop and take a picture. But here is their tuck. If you see them around town, you must stop and try the food. You won’t regret it. Oh and they also have a Pitbull named Chico, so you know that makes them good people in our book.

Good weather, good food, cute dogs and of course a cute husband! We had a good day. And what better way to end a post then a boy and his dog.



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