Light my fire

One of the quicker, less expensive updates we’ve done is on our living room fireplace. I love the rustic element of the Bedford stone wall, but the brass had to go, YUCK!

Here is the fireplace the day we moved in:

Lovely, eh?!

 I know you are admiring that pretty blue carpet (piece of carpet :)) but sadly we no longer have it. (Hardwood floors rock my world)

And do you see those 2 shelves? Yeah, I never could figure out what to put on them. Not to mention the one on the right was so high. Those shelves really messed with my world. They had to go! My mom taught me this very important lesson growing up: if you can’t duct tape it, spray paint it. Obviously duct tape would look funny, so it was all up to my trusty high heat spray paint.

I taped all the glass:

I also put newspaper around the doors so I didn’t get any off spray on my stone. 2 coats later and I was left with this beauty:

Not bad for a $6 dollar can of spray paint. Sadly, I still had no idea what to do with the shelves.

I kept thinking it would be nice if I could just cut them off. And then I had an idea, why not just break them off…..with a hammer! Of course when I let Michael in on my master plan he looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. He was not keen on the idea. But I assured him that it would work and it could not possibly look any worse. So armed with my hammer and safety glasses, I started chipping away at the shelves. And look who showed up to help with the demo:

Just a few hits each and they were down. The jagged edge from the shelves fit right in with the texture of the rock. Just a few wipes with a wet towel to get the dust off and we have our finished project.

This is our fireplace today in her true glory. The blue object in the lower left corner is a dog squeaky toy. Just keeping it real at the Simpson house.



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